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Introducing PLAYMOhair
By PLAYMOBIL & Electronic Sheep

• For the first time ever, PLAYMOBIL’s iconic hair can keep you warm this Christmas with the ‘PLAYMOhair’ beanie
• Designed and created in collaboration with top East London knitwear label, Electronic Sheep
• Limited-edition pieces made to celebrate PLAYMOBIL’s 40th anniversary year



The iconic PLAYMOBIL hairstyle is cemented in modern popular culture and recognised the world over, with many fans getting haircuts in this style, not to mention its influence on catwalk trends.  So for the first time ever, iconic toy company PLAYMOBIL is making it a reality for everyone to have ‘PLAYMOhair’, to celebrate its 40th anniversary year.  In collaboration with the UK’s fashion capital knitwear specialists, Electronic Sheep, the brand is creating limited-edition on-trend bobble hats for adults and kids that exemplify the toy’s globally recognised haircut this Christmas in four colours. Forty pieces of each colour option have been made commemorating the brand’s 40th anniversary.

Practical yet stylish, the ‘PLAYMOhair’ beanie comes in mustard yellow (blonde), red (strawberry blonde), grey or black. Taking inspiration from the ever-popular Christmas jumper craze, this PLAYMOBIL beanie takes innovation and creativity to the next level. These wooly hats are a perfect winter accessory or an ideal Christmas gift. 

These block-coloured styles are crafted from Italian yarn that also features in Electronic Sheep’s winter collections. A simple and understated aesthetic, these quirky wooly hats showcase a premium stylistic approach from PLAYMOBIL which is easy to wear. An extension of Electronic Sheep’s current AW14 collection, this exceptional piece easily fuses into the rest of the range, complimenting the playful patterns, illustrative knitted accessories and hints of nostalgia throughout all styles.

Known for their knitted scarves and their tapestry-esque designs, Electronic Sheep has carved a unique identity with its distinctive designs. Internationally-recognised and a label coined as a ‘one to watch’ in the knitwear world, Electronic Sheep were the perfect collaborator to create this masterpiece! The brainchild of designer-duo, Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany, this East London-based label, with roots in Dublin, brings an exciting futuristic feel with its exceptional patterns, as well as trend-setting aesthetic, to PLAYMOBIL. 

This year, PLAYMOBIL has an exciting array of playsets which will keep children entertained at Christmas and well into the New Year. PLAYMOBIL’s brand new ranges are set to encourage even more hours of creative play this festive season and beyond.

The limited-edition ‘PLAYMOhair’ beanie by PLAYMOBIL & Electronic Sheep is available from the end of October 2014 from 



ABOUT PLAYMOhair beanie by PLAYMOBIL & Electronic Sheep

•    The PLAYMOhair’ beanie is a collaboration between Playmobil UK ( & Electronic Sheep (
•    There will be 40 pieces of each colour available of PLAYMOhair by PLAYMOBIL & Electronic Sheep. The range of colours are:
o    Red, 
o    Grey, 
o    Black 
o    Mustard Yellow
•    Available to buy from 

PLAYMOBIL is an iconic German toy company owned by geobra Brandstätter. Horst Brandstätter, and his chief model-maker, Hans Beck, started creating toys in 1974, launching PLAYMOBIL’s first Knights, Indians and Construction ranges. The brand has grown to become one of the biggest toy companies in the world, with 2.7billion PLAYMOBIL figures populating children’s bedrooms worldwide.

PLAYMOBIL makes its first official appearance at the company trade fair at geobra Brandstätter in Zirndorf. Three product series are introduced: Knights, Indians and Construction. 
At the International Toy Fair, Hermann Simon, a wholesaler from the Netherlands, rescues PLAYMOBIL from an early demise with an offer worth one million D-Marks. 

PLAYMOBIL brings its first female figures onto the market.  
Furthermore the little figures manage to jump the 100 million D-Mark profit hurdle. 

The first knight’s castle is introduced. The Vehicle series provides a very contemporary contrast. 
The English toy industry name PLAYMOBIL “Toy of the Year”. 

PLAYMOBIL launches the first pirate ship.

320 million PLAYMOBIL figures populate the whole world. 

The adult PLAYMOBIL figures are given movable, flesh-coloured hands. 

500 million figures populate the whole world at PLAYMOBIL’s 10th birthday. There is a new addition to the family following the first child figures in 1981: The PLAYMOBIL baby is a bouncing 3.4cm long at birth. 

In celebration of PLAYMOBIL’s 30th birthday, a retro product is launched for the first time: The Western Classic Set, in the original 1970s style. 
Finally – long wished for by children – dinosaurs are introduced as well.

The Figures mystery bags are introduced with fully interchangeable body parts and accessories.

The first PLAYMOBIL pregnant character arrives in the Fi?ures range.

The tallest PLAYMOBIL character is introduced – the Fi?ures Clown

PLAYMOBIL celebrates its 40th anniversary


Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany founded Electronic Sheep in 1999. Co-Director Brenda has a BA in Fashion from the National College of Art & Design in Dublin as well as a post-graduate qualification in Knitwear from LSAD. Before Electronic Sheep she worked as a Knitwear Technology specialist and Accessories Designer. Co-Director Helen has a BA in Graphic Design and has studied at Dublin’s National College of Art & Design, Central Saint Martins and The School of Visual Arts in New York. Helen has designed and art directed for The Sunday Times Magazine, Swarovski, Glamour US and The V&A among others

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